Airport Parking

Hassle-free Parking before departure

No matter if departing from a large international airport, or a smaller regional one, finding a parking space to park your car can be a major challenge. Booking your parking space in advance through our mobile app reservations speeds up the entry processing time.App directs your car straight to the parking bay saving time and fuel and again reducing traffic and burning fuel to find your space.

Common features


License Plate Recognition

Your license plate registered with us, would raise an alarm on any kind of LPR Frauds.


App updates your Payments.

Bay Monitoring

Our Cameras monitor the Bay for the safety of the Vehicle.

Entry / Exit

App updates your payment and helps in your entry and Exit at the airport.

Ezz Park App

Guidance Systems led by the Ezz Park App.

Parking Reservation

Pre-Pay or Pre-Book your space through our App Parking Reservation System(PRS).

EZZ PARK is the fastest, most convenient airport parking available. Our services encourages loyalty and increases satisfaction both for the traveller and the airport itself. Parking Solutions understands what it takes to manage airport parking. To meet our partners’ needs, we offer customised solutions including tailored revenue reporting and a monthly dashboard analysis of car counts and customer surveys. Our goal is the highest level of service for our airport partner and for the travellers we serve. Our parking experts can assist you with feasibility studies, design and planning, identifying potential issues and providing alternative solutions throughout the planning process.

Airport Parking Management

Stress-Free Travel Starts with Parking

“Smooth travel” is the magic word. Arrive with your car at the airport, park conveniently and then straight onto the plane. SKIDATA offers many elegant service possibilities surrounding parking lot management at airports. Customers can make reservations and payments for parking spots online and, thanks to SKIDATA services, can quickly and conveniently find their space in the parking garage.

By enabling customers to check in promptly at parking facilities, you can increase throughput and ensure that air travellers are happy and relaxed. With SKIDATA you can count on years of experience with airports of any size – from regional to international airports such as Hong Kong or London Heathrow.

Stress-free and convenient parking for your customers.
Efficient and cheap operation due to the highest level of reliability.
Integration of frequent flyer programs.
Revenue maximisation using e-commerce options such as booking and reservation platforms.
Easy integration into airport systems and structures
Renumeration solutions for purchases in airport shopping areas
Target group-adjusted marketing using reports and analyses of passenger behaviour.
Use of various data carriers such as customer loyalty cards by airlines.
Additional services such as security parking or the charging of electronic cars.