Sports and Exhibition venues Parking

Every year major sporting events and exhibitions draw thousands of fans to stadiums, ball parks, and sporting arenas. Parking at these venues is challenging due to congestion and lack of adequate space. EZZ PARK Technology offers a solutions that overcome complex event parking.

It helps control staff costs, provides accurate space count information, and ensures a positive experience to your customers. Our services include pre-book reserve parking, pay-by-APP, parking guidance systems that guides one to the reserved space, APP based in and out systems.

EZZ PARK Guided Car Parking Systems

The enjoyment fans, guests and promoters experience frequently relies on easy, secure and rapid entry.Ezz Park’s complete range of stadium access solutions guarantees that thousand of fans can enter your stadium or park effortlessly in the shortest time. Security and speed for access controls are at the center of attention.

The EZZ PARK Systems

Looking for visitor management systems
Processing of large volumes of visitors in the shortest time.
Customer-specific analyses and statistics at the press of a button on our APP.
Visitor tracking: simple monitoring of occupancy of individual sections.
Management of different events such as football games and concerts using a single visitor management system.
Open system interfaces for connecting external solutions such as POS systems , CRM and ERP applications and Venue Purse.
EZZ Park solutions for visitor access and parking management.
Multi-level fail-safe response for effortless access in the event of failure of individual modules.
Cashless payment throughout the entire stadium complex.

Modern access control and parking management make operators and fans happy.

Event operations include
Efficient Traffic Management
Overflow Management
Increased Revenue Control
Online Presale Permits
Emergency Procedures
Event Parking Consulting
VIP Parking Solutions
Public Safety
Real-Time Reporting DATA