Hospitals Parking

Medical Center parking operations are sometimes the most challenging of any market segment. Patients, families, doctors, employees and visitors all have unique requirements and EZZ PARK systems must be extremely flexible to accommodate these client types. Our modular design is simple, user friendly and easily configured to manage Medical Center clientele. Owner and operators of these facilities are constantly balancing the priorities of customer service and revenues streams. PARCS systems can help you manage that balance with smart technologies at affordable prices.

Rugged stainless steel construction.
User interface and database fields may be customized for employees department, shift schedule and security level.
Patrons can convert their parking ticket to a reusable multi-day pass on our APP.
Simple modular design that requires only a single device in any entrance or exit lane.
All modes of operation; pay-on-foot, pay-in-lane, central cashiering, exit cashiering and pre-pay.
System compatibility with campus building card access, CCTV.
Flexible validation solutions that range from desktop units to eValidations over the internet.
Lower total cost of ownership.  Lower consumable prices, system pricing and ongoing maintenance costs.
Supports VIP parking areas.